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I am interested in doing a course in JAVA Programming:

You have to do the following courses in the following sequence:
  • Intro to Programming
  • Java beginner
  • Java Advanced
  • SCJP/OCJP Workshop
  • International exam
  • JSE Developer
  • JEE Developer

I am interested in the 
VB.NET certifications.I would like find out ,what steps need I take in oder to get certified? I have developed a POS(Point Of Sale) system for three local stores.I am familiar with the language contents and do not want to take a long route. I would like to find what would be the best route for me to have papers for Programming in VB.NET and ASP.NET. Please advise.

If you know programming and VB.NET, my advice is to
do the ASP.NET (Forms) course. Then to take the 
MCTS Exam - You can buy only the exam book from us, or do the Exam workshop course with us - the exam cost is extra (approx R850)

Just one important thing: C# is Microsoft's flagship language and even if you can get to MCTS certification without C#, you should consider learning C# sooner or later.

I have no knowledge of programming -  What steps would you recommend I follow?  Also, what are the costs involved?

If in doubt and we cannot go by a Matric Certificate with at least a pass in mathematics -  we always recommend you should do an aptitude test like the one on http://www.3smartcubes.com  http://www.3smartcubes.com . (There are many more ...) and send us the results.

Complete beginners should :
  • start at the Complete Introduction to Programming  (this can also be done over 5 days full-time)
  • do our part-time training courses which runs over 5 Saturdays (6 hour sessions) or 2 nights per week 5 weeks (3 hour evening classes) because there are more time to take the knowledge in and process it with exercises etc.
  • we also have regular, free open evenings where students can come in to compare projects and get additional assistance from lecturers
  • budget to do at least 4 courses to get to the international certificate level (R8000 * 4) (5/6 is even better and recommended). The duration is 5-6 weeks per course then.
  • there are 2 tracks to follow - have a look.

Intro to programming (check the exercise on the website)
Beginning Java (all of the before plus OO)
Advanced Java (build an application with database, I/O and networking)
Java EE
This brings you at the level of the international exam (OCJP)
Intro to programming (check the exercise on the website)
C#.NET (all of the before plus OO)
Entity Framework, Linq with C#.NET (build an application with database, I/O and networking)
This brings you at the level of the international exam (MCTS)
Intro to programming (check the exercise on the website)
Beginner PHP (all of the before plus OO)
Advanced PHP (build a web application with database, I/O and networking)
PHP Developer
This brings you at the level of the international exam (Zend Framework )

I would like to find out more about your courses and possibly get some advice as to what I should study. I have a B.Comm degree and a few years work experience as a financial markets trader. I have recently started looking into programming and would like to learn enough to be able to incorporate this with my work experience. The way I understand it is that a lot of investment banks are looking for front office trading developer jobs which would really interest me.


I don’t have any programming experience, just going through some books at the moment but that’s obviously not going to help me get a job in that industry. If I did some courses though you, would they be recognised?

HI - most certainly our courses are very well-know in the IT Industry. What makes our offering unique is that we issue 2 certificates per course - 1 for attendance and one for the practical project - it is the latter that is invaluable in job seeking. We also offer free prac support assistance to all our students to enable them to get that practical project up to scratch.

Our courses are also aligned to cover the international certification syllabus, so as to make it easier for you when you prepare for an international exam.

Would you be able to advise me on which course I should do?

It is most important to have something practical on your CV that is why we recommend people from outside the industry to do the :

PHP Beginner or (C#.NET or Java Beginner)
PHP Advanced or (ASP.NET or Java Advanced)

(complementary courses here are SQL and HTML)

The  PHP track is more practically oriented - therefore you are able to develop working websites when you are done - this makes it is easier to get experience on your CV and it is also a good introduction as to what a Software Developer really does every day of his life.

Based on job ads for banks it looks as though .Net or Java would be the most beneficial but as I said, I don’t have any experience in this so I could use some help please?

After PHP one can consider further training into something like Java or .NET.


In most of the jobs I see advertised they say they want a person who has a Bsc Computer Science degree. Would I be able to compete for a position like this or would it be better to do the degree?

Not really - it is better to get experience first and then study further. The reason why they prefer Computer Science is that the students also do a working practical verifyable programming project in their final year of study.


I would like to use the programming in the trading environment but it’s not essential so I’m happy to keep my options open.

 Future forecasts and trends predict a growth in Web Development (where PHP is the leader in terms of number of websites worldwide and lowest entry cost).

Do I get a Microsoft certificate or similar when completing the SQL DBA1, SQL DBA2 and SQL DBA3?

You do get a certificate from us (which on its own is well recognised nationally), with a (MCTS) Microsoft Exam 15% Discount Voucher after course 2. You then have to enroll and write the Microsoft Exam on your own at an exam centre of your choice (paying the difference of around R500).

After the 3rd course there is another Microsoft Exam (MCITP) for which there is not a discount voucher from us.